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Dermamelan (Pigmentation)

Dermamelan is the result of years of research by Dr Krulig, a plastic surgeon, who specialises in skin pigmentation disorders. The Dermamelan treatment is a versatile process adapted to the needs of each patient.

Dermamelan is a depigmentation agent used to treat conditions like Melasma-patchy or generalised dark pigmentation of the skin, Chloasma-patchy brown or dark brown skin discolouration that usually occurs on a woman’s face and may result from hormonal changes e.g. pregnancy and the contraceptive pill and more

Additional benefits of Dermamelanare improved the signs of photo-ageing and photo-damage of the skin, it regulates sebaceous secretion especially in mixed and greasy skins and reduces pore size and can prevent spots from appearing

Dermamelan influences the melanogenesis (pigment producing) process blocking formations of melanin (pigment) by inhibiting the production of tyrosinase (the essential enzyme required for the formation of pigment).

Your skin will be prepared with an alcohol-based solution to remove all the grease/sebaceous secretions. The Dermamelan cream mask (which is brown/yellow in colour) will then be applied. There should be no discomfort or irritation to the skin while the mask is on. You will leave the clinic with the cream mask on, so a suitable mode of transport home should be organised in advance; public transport is not advisable. After a specified time you will be told to remove the cream mask and follow the written after-care instructions provided.

Dermamelan (Pigmentation)

Treatment Price
Treatment £800 BUY NOW
Additional Maintenance Cream £175 BUY NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

The face mask is generally applied only once. The home application of Dermamelan will continue for a minimum of 9 months as advised by your skin consultant.

You will need to ensure that you use the maintenance cream every day according to the therapist instructions. You will need to ensure that you keep your skin well moisturised and most importantly that you apply spf 50 block every day.

How to Book

* Our reception team will be happy to make your appointment and answer any questions you may have.

* Your name, address, date of birth and telephone number is required at the time of booking.

* A £20 deposit is required to secure every appointment. Please see our cancellation policy.

Treatment Summary


Procedure Time

40-90 Minutes

Back to Work

Few Days


Not Necessary

Results Seen in

1-2 Weeks



Duration of Results

4-6 Weeks

Potential Side Effects

Risk of pigmentation

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