Frangipani Nourish Wrap

The exotic frangipani nourish wrap is primarily used to moisturise the skin for immediate softness and suppleness. Aromatic Tahitian Coconut and Frangipani flowers are soaked together to produce the Monoi oil.

  • Exotic Frangipani Nourish Wrap Cost


    Exotic Frangipani Nourish Wrap

    45 minutes




What does the exotic frangipani nourish wrap do?

The unique blend of the ingredients within the oil help to drench the skin with moisture providing you with ultimate radiance, vitality and an all over body glow.

What does the exotic frangipani nourish wrap involve?

Your treatment will be done within a spa room in relaxing spa area. With this being a full body treatment you will be required to wear paper pants which we provide. Your whole body will be soaked with the frangipani oil and massaged into your skin. You will then be cocooned in a foil wrap whilst the oils work.

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

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Topical Cream Only

Results Seen in

Two Weeks



Duration of Results

3 - 5 Months

Potential Side Effects

Very low risk, swelling, itching, hyperpigmintation
TreatmentNormal PriceOffer PriceSaveBuy
First Syringe£250.00£180.00£70
Additional syringes within 4 weeks£240£150.00£90.00

After your Treatment

There are no side effects after having the Wrinkle Injections so you can resume normal activities, drive yourself home or return to work. However lying down and exercise should be avoided for 4 hours after the treatment and the area should not be touched in this time.

The wrinkle injection does take up to 2 weeks to work so we offer you the chance to come back between 14 and 21 days for a review if needed.

No, you cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant (we would also recommend that you don’t have this treatment if you are breastfeeding).This treatment is unsuitable due to the powerful essential oils which are used. Whilst we can tailor most treatments to suit pregnant ladies, the essential oils are a vital part of this treatment and removing or substituting them would greatly reduce the effectiveness and therapeutic benefits of this treatment.

How to Book

Please contact Elements MediSpa on 01302 34 34 32. Our reception team will be happy to book your appointment and answer any questions you may have. On booking, our reception team will need to take some personal details such as your name, address, date of birth and also an £20 deposit (Please see Terms and Conditions).

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