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Have my lips done by Cheryl, lovely place and very friendly staff i continue to go back time after time because im happy with my treatments and the level of service i get. Thank you Elements team

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Beautiful place full of fabulous injectors who are ready to give you the feel good factor. Been coming here for a few years now and wouldn't go anywhere else

I can’t put into words how much I recommend this place. I’ve always felt relaxed and at ease when having a treatment. My first appointment I brought my Mum along for moral support. Today (second treatment) I came on my own I felt that comfortable. Thank you so much for the advice and for the general kindness. Great customer service is so hard to come by these days!

Complete Facial Treatment

The Glow Facial is the “go to” treatment offered at Elements MediSpa, Doncaster, suitable for all skin types. This complete facial combines six skin-refining stages which are guaranteed to leave your skin glowing. Whether you need a one-off facial to look your best for an event, or have monthly facials to keep your skin at its best, this treatment is for you.

  1. Cleanse & Prime
    This initial stage removes excess dirt, debris and makeup.
  2. Resurfacer
    Glycolic Acid exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal to allow the skin to appear brighter and fresher, leaving it with a better complexion.
  3. Dermaplane
    Removes soft hair that traps oil and dirt, and further removes dry skin cells. The skin is smoother after removal of finer hairs which also allows better makeup application.
  4. Skin Needling with Vitamins
    A serum is applied to the skin beforehand, so that when the Dermaroller is applied, the products penetrate deeper. The skin needling contains hundreds of tiny needles that, when used, create small punctures in the skin which damage the surface, and encourage the skin to repair itself. From this, more collagen and elasticity is produced to heal the skin and renew itself. This gives the skin a tighter, more radiant complexion.
  5. Stem Cell Mask
    This medical-grade treatment mask hydrates the skin, encourages skin cell turnover, increases collagen and makes the skin appear fresher and brighter – the perfect soothing agent after skin needling.
  6. LED Light Therapy
    Red and blue light stimulates collagen, reduces inflammation, aids product penetration and kills bacteria.
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Glow Facial Price list

Glow Facial

  • Single treatment
  • Introductory Offer (Save £55)
  • £150
  • £95


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