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Thread Veins & Rosacea

Thread veins on the face and neck, commonly known as spider veins or more correctly, telangiectasia, are very common and while harmless can be a little unsightly. They can occur at any site on the body but mainly the face and neck. Approximately 20% of 20 year old women have thread veins on the face or neck and 50% of 50 year old women. The veins vary in size, colour and type ranging from fine red veins to larger purple or deeper blue veins.

Thread Veins & Rosacea

Treatment Price
Nose £40 BUY NOW
Cheeks £60 BUY NOW
Nose & Cheeks £80 BUY NOW
Full Face £100 BUY NOW

Procedure Time

10-60 Minutes

Back to Work



Not Necessary

Results Seen in

0-4 Weeks



Duration of Results

6 Months- 1 Year

Potential Side Effects

Pink & Slight Swelling

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no major side effects to the treatment. The area which has been treated will feel warm for a few hours.

On average is 3-5 treatments at 4-6 week intervals.

How to Book

* Our reception team will be happy to make your appointment and answer any questions you may have.

* Your name, address, date of birth and telephone number is required at the time of booking.

* A £20 deposit is required to secure every appointment. Please see our cancellation policy.